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The best giveaway bot on Discord.

By creating advanced giveaways with Award, you can improve your social media accounts and gain organic lift!

Why Award

With Award, you can improve your social media accounts and get organic increases by creating advanced sweepstakes!

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Easily Create Conditional Giveaway

You can have the members of your dreams in a short time. You can get organic increase by opening conditional giveaway by following your social media accounts such as youtube, twitch, tiktok on Award. Why not try opening a raffle for more information?

Build Your Own Giveaways

You can quickly add the bot to the server and create and customize your own giveaway on the site. You can check who has participated in the giveaway in detail via the Dashboard.

Discover Giveaways

You can participate in the giveaway according to you in the Discover section and win prizes, and you can see the remaining time and detailed information on the panel.

Self Feel Special

By purchasing Boost, you can giveaway more than 20 simultaneous giveaways on your server, however, you can repeat and embed 20 times on a giveaway. You can make it safe by adding a password to your giveaways.

Grow your accounts

Develop and grow your accounts organically with Award.

Lock your giveaways

Privately encrypt your giveaways with Award's lock system.

Grow your server

You can grow your servers faster by adding an invitation requirement to their giveaways.

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